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Be a part of the Car Rental Business near the DFW Airport helping serve the local, national and International customers that flood this area on a daily / hourly basis.  We have secured a contract to serve the DFW Airport Customers on an ongoing basis and up to 250 more vehicles will be needed to start to fulfill this agreement. 

Here are some important facts to know…… 

In 2013 DFW Airport (Dallas /Fort Worth international) took the #10 spot in the World and the #4 spot in the United States ,as being the busiest airport as where passenger numbers reached 60.4 million, a rise of 3.2% from 2012. In 2012 Dallas ranked #9 with an estimated population of 1,241,162 and Fort Worth ranked #16 with an estimated population of 777,992 in being the largest cities by population in the United States. With this being said the big car rental companies cannot handle all the customers that come thru the Airport or the in the local market retail outlets. 

Everyday customers are turn down by the big guys because they don’t meet the stringent qualifications of the major car rental companies. Through our independent rental network with have been able to offer better rates then the big guys and have been able to help more people get on the road. 

Our Local Independent car rental business has the following opportunity / programs available in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area 

Lease your car program

  • Individuals that would like to lease their car out to customers to make extra income.   Vehicle must be in good to excellent driving condition and not older 8 years old.  Pictures of the outside and inside can be sent to us for approval. 

Take over car payments / Buy your car program 

  • Take over loan/lease payments. Buy your car program, even if you’re behind. Save your Credit regardless if you’re upside down and owe more than the car is worth, we can still buy the vehicle from you and make the monthly payment until your vehicle is paid off and then buy it back at the end. The car remains yours until the loan is paid off.  Vehicle must be in good to excellent driving condition and not older than 8 Years Old.  Vehicle pictures of the outside and inside can be sent to us for approval.  FYI: We do NOT transfer the loan or lease into our name.  We simply make the payments until the lease or loan is paid off.   Damage protection/insurance is put on every vehicle to ensure that the car is always in excellent condition. 

Lease to own your car to us

  • You pick a reasonable price and we will lease to own your car.  If your vehicle is already paid off this is a good way to earn extra income and the income would be better than a rental home. 

For more information please contact Nathan at  (469) 912-1778 or email at rentals@acrprogram.com 

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