Take Over Your Car Payments on loan or lease any Price on 8 years Old or Newer Vehicle

National Car Rental Company is new to the area and plans to acquire 2500 vehicles for the DFW area over the next 2 to 3 years to meet the growing demand for the rental market here.  
Take over loan/lease payments. Buy your car program, even if you’re behind. Save your Credit 
regardless if you’re upside down and owe more than the car is worth, we can still buy the vehicle from you and make the monthly payment until your vehicle is paid off and then buy it back at the end. The car remains yours until the loan is paid off. Vehicle must be in good to excellent driving condition and not older than 8 years.  Vehicle pictures of outside and inside can be sent to us for approval.  FYI: We do NOT transfer the loan or lease into our name.  We simply make the payments until the lease or loan is paid off.   Damage protection/insurance is put on every vehicle to ensure that the car is always in excellent condition. 
This program is designed to bring funds from outside the area into your store. The end result is that ASAP purchases vehicles from you on your own Buy Here Pay Here program.  
Vehicle Qualifications: ALL vehicles acquired from your dealership on this program must be in rentalable condition. Tires on vehicles must be able to take a road trip, tires must be balanced and vehicle must be aligned properly with good brakes. Cosmetically the vehicle must be appealing to the eyes. The year of the vehicle must not be older than 8 years old and not over 100,000 miles.  
Our financial projected goal for each vehicle is to be close to the following variables. 
– Down payment to be between $0 and $1000 dollars each vehicle. Based on if vehicle is behind on payments or not. 
Please contact Marcus using the contact button above if you feel like you can help us. Thanks. 
Text back with ANY QUESTIONS. Thanks 
***Needing to acquire 4 vehicles every month for the next 12 months.*** 

Goto http://buyyourcarprogram.com/ and press “SELL CAR” 

(469) 912-1778  

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